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JOIN the corps of Wisconsin ratepayers who are finding clever, low-cost ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save money. If your electric bill totals more than 700 kilowatt hours, likely you can make improvements in the 13-30% range. Each participant gets a personalized metrics page to record their progress. Our results will be used to lobby for increases in energy efficiency funding.

Use SOUL's free Excel spreadsheet to enter your household or business energy use data and see savings you would generate from three types of solar and efficiency investment on most Wisconsin utilities. Personal on line version also available.


Fork In The Road

2013 Wisconsin Energy Overview

Assessment of where the past decade of energy investments have taken us and our choices that lay ahead.

Data taken from Jan 29, 2013 WI State Senate Energy Committee reports bu utilities and consumer groups. Download [pdf]

SOUL of Wisconsin joined other groups and local governments across Wisconsin in testimony before a Bipartisan Legislative Meeting in Madison concerning Wisconsin's Energy Future. Here' a video of the 16 minute presentaton.

Municipal Resolutions asking the PSC of Wisconsin to provide the ratepayers of Wisconsin cost-benefit studies examining all available energy solutions including those that emphasize local job creation, agressive energy efficiency and locally developed renewable energy sources. Adopted by more than 90 local governments across Wisconsin.

$5 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS will be crucial when we intervene in Badger-Coulee. Consider joining with four fellow supporters for a minimum fee of $25. This will raise our ranks and make all five eligible to win a Kill-a-Watt energy use meter. Dona-tions are tax exempt.

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